Our Mission

The Great Hearts Foundation is a new nonprofit organization that seeks to increase national philanthropy for our mission and access resources to enhance the work and well being of our students, families, and teachers. As part of that mission, the Foundation houses the Great Hearts Institute for Classical Education which champions the classical, liberal arts education movement as a whole.

Founded in 2017, the Great Hearts Foundation believes that to restore American public education we must make the fostering of personal character and moral imagination once again central to our educational task.


The Great Hearts Foundation provides the resources necessary for the network of schools to thrive.

Daniel Scoggin

Co-Founder, Great Hearts
President, Great Hearts Foundation

Dr. Scoggin is the co-founder of Great Hearts America, having overseen the network’s growth from 300 students at one school to 15,500 students at 28 academies across Phoenix, San Antonio, and Dallas.  An Arizona native, Dr. Scoggin attended public schools and went on to Santa Clara University in California as an English Literature major, and spent his junior year at the University of Durham in England. While completing his Ph.D. in English Literature at the Claremont Graduate University, he taught at Harvey Mudd College, The Phoenix Institute at the University of Notre Dame, and Mesa Community College, and coached basketball at Pomona College. He is a 2008-2009 Piper Fellow, attended the Executive Education Program at Stanford University, and is currently a Pahara-Aspen Fellow.

Robert L. Jackson

Chief Academic Officer
Director, Institute for Classical Education

As a professor of English and education at The King’s College (New York), Dr. Jackson spent a dozen years training future teachers in the rudiments of educational history and philosophy.  In 2006, he developed an academic concentration aimed at revitalizing the 2500-year tradition of liberal arts pedagogy through the study of classic works—Quintilian, Erasmus et al.  He has actively integrated poetry in his educational courses, and his research focuses on the early 20th century debates between progressives and classicists concerning public schools.  His articles and essays have been published in Society, Academic Questions, Mythlore, and Comment. He was the recipient of a university fellowship at Florida State University, and received awards for teaching excellence at Florida State University and The King’s College.  Prior to joining Great Hearts, his administrative experience also included the oversight of two university language programs (Florida State University, State University of New York at New Paltz), coordination of a childhood education degree (The King’s College), and service as the Associate Provost of The King’s College.


Virtue is the flagship publication of the Great Hearts Institute. It disseminates stories, ideas, research and experiences in classical education to readers across the nation, helping them pursue the classical ideals of truth, goodness, and beauty.

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New academies can only be created with substantial philanthropic investment:

At Great Hearts, we believe that a classical education is not only for the privileged few, but for every child, no matter their zip code. We invite you to help us bring a classical education to dozens of additional communities and thousands more children as we aim to bring a Great Hearts education to more than 50,000 students by 2025.

Great Hearts provides donors an opportunity to shape a generation of hearts and minds.